What is an EPD?

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a document that provides transparent and comparable information about the environmental impact of a product or material. In the context of a reinforcement steel company, an EPD can play a crucial role in assessing and communicating the environmental performance of their products.

EPDs for reinforcement steel take into account the complete life cycle of the product, from extraction of raw materials to production, transportation, use, and finally, disposal or recycling. By quantifying and disclosing environmental data, EPDs enable customers, stakeholders, and decision-makers to make more informed choices based on environmental considerations.

For a reinforcement steel company, developing an EPD involves collecting data on various environmental parameters such as energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, waste generation, and other relevant indicators. This data is then analysed, verified, and summarised in a standardised format, following industry-specific guidelines and standards.

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